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Black Bean Patty

  • recipeNovember 28, 2020
  • try it on a bun!

    Any kind of bean patty is just some beans smashed all up and mixed up with some binding agents and maybe some other things.

    1. Smash 1 cup black beans up with a potato masher or a fork or something

    2. Make a thick chia seed paste: 1 tbsp chia seed + 2 - 3 tbsp water. Let it sit for a while until it gets thick, then add it to the beans

    3. Add one flax egg

    4. Add a bunch of breadcrumbs. I didn't have any breadcrumbs, but I had the crumbs from the bottom of a bag of tortilla chips, so I smashed those up really fine with an empty wine bottle that I used like a rolling pin and used those.

    5. Season with salt and pepper and garlic, and whatever else you want.

    6. Add whatever else you want. Maybe some shaved carrot slices, or some almond slivers.

    7. Mix it all up. It should be come together like a weird dough that you can handle and knead a little bit.

    8. Pour it out and shape it. I like to roll mine into a bean snake and then cut it up into ~6 pieces. Roll the pieces into balls and let them sit.

    9. Shape the balls into flat rounds about a finger long and about half a knuckle thick. Assuming you have fingers the same size as mine. You can use a jar lid or the mouth of a jar or glass to make more good looking circles. Let them sit.

    10. Heat up a small amount of oil in a pan. Add a few of the patties and let them sizzle on one side for a couple minutes until it gets good and brown. Repeat on the other side.

    I made these this morning as a kind of breakfast sausage to have with biscuits and mashed potato pancakes. It was real good.