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nada moo cookies & creme

  • reviewDecember 9, 2020
  • it is very good ice cream

    Nada Moo makes some of the very best non-dairy ice cream. I like Nada Moo so much that when I visited Austin, Texas, one of the number one things I wanted to do was visit their storefront. Which I did. I think I got some birthday cake cookie dough and it was so good I died, and now you know that this blog is authored by a ghost who was killed by ice cream that was too good 👻

    Their entire line-up is coconut based, which is pretty unique in a world of far too many almond and soy based ice creams. The only other ice cream base that is as good as coconut is cashew. And the couple of Ben & Jerry's flavors that use sunflower butter are arguably better. But as far as overall consistent flavor and quality goes, Nada Moo is the absolute tops.

    My favorite ice cream flavor is cookies & cream. It's what I judge all ice cream brands by. And this is pretty good! I'd like some chunkier cookie in the texture, but the overall effect is grade A.

    Go get some Nada Moo and eat it with a spoon straight from the container!