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  • recipeDecember 30, 2020
  • raisins are just embarrassed grapes

    What's so great about raisins? They are tasty little dried fruits that are so easy to make, that you can accidentally make them just by leaving grapes out in the sun for a couple days. Then, oops! You got raisins.

    Homemade raisins are about inifinity percent superior to store bought raisins in taste and texture. They are good on their own as a snack, or on a bowl of oatmeal.

    My human loves grapes, and they always buy big bags of them, but they never manage to finish them up.

    Which means that I always make tons of raisins to save them and avoid throwing them away!


    1. Get some grapes

    2. This part is kind of tedius, but I think it's really important: I poke each grape with a knife or toothpick just so that the surface is punctured, so that it dries out better from the inside out. Otherwise, I find it takes longer because the outside of the grape is dried while the inside is still soft and plump. Alternately, you can boil your grapes just long enough for the skins to burst a little bit.

    3. Spread them out on a baking sheet and cook them overnight in the oven at about 200 degrees. Or cook them during the day if you don't trust them and want to check on them periodically. If you do, give the baking sheet a shake so the grapes turn and cook more evenly.

    grapes ready to go into the oven
    Figure 1: Grapes ready to go into the oven
    raisins coming out of the oven
    Figure 2: Raisins coming out of the oven

    That's it! They're done when they look all shriveled up and embarrassed, and when you bite into one there's no soft fruit or gushiness in the middle.