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  • articleAugust 14, 2021
  • do they still say run for the border or is that too political you know with the wall and everything

    If I haven't said this in a while, I'll say it now: it's a good time to be vegan. It's easy.

    Times were though that if you wanted fast food, often times your best and/or only bet was the simple bean burrito at Taco Bell.

    Then things got better with the introduction of the 7-Layer burrito. (No cheese, no sour cream.) That was my jam for a long time.

    Then I realized you get customize it even further and my go to order became "Grilled 7-Layer burrito, no cheese no sour cream, add potatoes". That was the bomb.

    And then coronavirus happened, and I know correlation does not equal not causation, but I choose to blame coronavirus entirely for Taco Bell removing my beloved 7-Layer Burrito from the menu, and--for reasons known only to god and the yum food group--also removing potatoes.

    This was a dark time.

    Now we have vaccines, and potatoes are back at Taco Bell, and things are looking up.

    So here's the new order I'm rocking now:

    Fresco bean burrito, add rice, potatoes, and guac.

    "Fresco" for the initiated, was a special "healthy" menu that TB used to have back in the day where they would remove cheese and sour cream from the item in question and add "red sauce". The menu doesn't exist any more, but you can still order things "fresco" and they'll know what you mean.

    This was a pretty good burrito! They didn't give me the guac. Sad! But the result was still pretty satisfying.