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Bueno Red Chile And Zucchini Vegan Tamales

  • reviewOctober 5, 2020

  • a staple to stock up on

    Okay full disclosure, tamales are probably one of my favorite foods. I love the soft corn outer layer, and the flavorful filling. It's a total package for me.

    So, these are an absolute staple. I have a freezer full of these at all times. I usually get them at Sprouts, and when I go, I literally buy the entirety of the stock they have out.

    I'm telling you. Freezer, full. At all times.

    They used to sell these labeled as merely vegetarian, but they've taken to labeling them as vegan within the last year or two.

    Also, at the time of this writting, there are two different styles out there. One has a more natural corn husk wrapping with one end folded over and the other end open. The second kind has some more unnatural, uniform kind of wrapping that kind of looks like corn husk, but is not. Both ends are tucked under, forming a tighter, more whole seal.

    The type two tamale is far superior. I don't know if it's because it holds together better while steaming or what. But it has less of a tendency to ever oversteam. The consistency is better. More firm, less mush.