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van leeuwen oat milk ice cream

  • reviewMarch 9, 2022
  • more coconut than oat

    Okay I couldn't fit the name of this ice cream in the title of this post. It is "Oat milk brown sugar chunk with cookie dough, brownies, and candied oat clusters non-dairy frozen desert."

    Aside: have you ever noticed how all vegan ice creams are labeled "non-dairy frozen desert?" I wonder if there are any legal reasons behind that. Maybe the all-powerful dairy lobby prevents them from saying "ice cream (tm)".

    So this ice cream was pretty good!

    "But supervegan!" I hear you say. "If the ice cream was pretty good, why are you giving it a one star review?"

    Because, my dear, astute little kumquat. Because it is not oat milk ice cream.

    Okay, yes, the first ingredient is oat milk. But the next two ingredients are coconut milk and coconut cream.

    The result is an overpowering coconut flavor.

    Which is fine! As long as you're expecting it. I enjoy coconut as much as the next human. But when I buy oat milk ice cream, I am expecting a creamy experience with a neutral flavor so that the ice cream flavors are front and center, taking the main stage. Not a powerhouse of coconut.

    False advertising, as far as I'm concerned.

    It was good, but not what I wanted, and not what it says on the label. This is coconut and brown sugar bla bla bla non-dairy frozen desert.